Tipping Etiquette

Clients always ask us what to tip their professional hunter, tracker/skinner and the maids after a safari. Safaris are very expensive and if you cannot afford to tip the staff, they will not think badly of you. A thank you is also appreciated very much.

In the hunting industry there is a going rate, at what kind of tips a client gives. Just like at a restaurant, there is a going rate at what to tip the waitress serving your meal.

The tip normally given to a professional hunter is $80 – $100 per day. The amount given will obviously depend on how hard you found your professional hunter had worked for you. It will all depend on how happy you were with his guiding you, on what good trophies he helped you get, on how he served you drinks , how good your packed lunches were, made sure you were happy at all times and in general how hard he worked to make you safari a success. It is our company policy that if you are not a smoker, your professional hunter may not smoke in the vehicle. If your professional hunter does smoke in the vehicle, please let management know and do not tip your professional hunter.

The tracker/skinner normally gets $10 per day. This will also depend on how happy you were with his service and how hard he worked to help find good trophies for you.

Some clients also tip the staff in the skinning shed who take care of your trophies.

It is the duty of the Lodge Staff which is divided into four groups, to make sure you are fed well, that your drinks are cold and you have enough ice and variety of soft drinks, beer and wine, that your room is tidy and clean, that your laundry is done and that you get the correct laundry back and all the other small things which will make your stay more enjoyable.

Each hunter often tips the lodge staff $50 per day you hunt. If you want to tip the lodge staff please put the tip into the envelope provided and put into tip box in the office when you do your final paperwork. If you would like you can pay tip with credit card at final payment. The lodge staff will divide out amongst themselves.

The Lodge Staff also try to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible, by cleaning your room, washing the laundry, preparing food etc. Please take note that due to the many different fabrics now available, we have stopped ironing clothing so as to avoid causing any damage to clothing.

Tips are handed into the office after you have completed your safari. PH’s tips and their tracker’s/skinner’s can be given to them directly.

We feel very strongly that if any of the above services were not up to your expectations, you should not follow our guidelines on what to tip. If you were not totally happy with the services then please help me by not tipping at all.

Thanking you,
Barry & Lizelle