South Africa Background

“Hebron”, is the first farm which makes up Burchell Game Reserve. It was bought by the family in 1987. At that stage Barry was still in school. He always loved this part of the world and saw the potential then and today this area is the premier game area of Southern Africa.

William John Burchell came out to South Africa in 1810, he did not have any children himself but Barry's decent is from his brother. Barry is the 7th generation to be born and in South Africa.

In 1990 Barry took over the control of Hebron Farm from his family. He then started building Masada Lodge in 1995. It took a total of nine months to complete. Everything was done by hand. It took about 36,000 man hours, 96 tons of cement, 384 tons of sand, 1,536 tons of stone, 36 tons of timber and 80 tons of thatching grass (ten tons per room and 40 tons for the dining).

In 2001, eight couple suites were built and completed. This brining the lodge to a capacity of 16 rooms. In 2003 we built the top boma, which is the main entertaining area of the lodge. The pool was finally completed in 2006.

Today Hebron makes up of about 15% of Burchell Game Reserve. Every year we re-introduced a couple of new species of game. Today we have about 30 different species on Burchell Game Reserve.

In 1996 the farm Bergplaas was added to Burchell Game Reserve which was a great addition. After two years of negotiations, the farms Stanhope and Mountain View were added. In the beginning of 1999 the farm Shenfield was added and at the beginning of 2000 Kalmosfontein and Branderskloof were added. At the beginning of 2001 and after four years of negotiations, Wilgerfontein and Neuwe Rus were added to Burchell Game Reserve. At the end of 2001, Heilbron was added and in 2002 Prospects and Doorkom were incorporated in to Burchell Game Reserve. Watekloof was added in 2003 and in 2005, Hopevale was incorporated into the reserve.

Every year we do bring in more game animals to increase our breeding herd and also to get new blood and genes into our herds. On Burchell Game Reserve, game animals do exceptionally well and grow good horn lengths and they increase in numbers very well.There is no internal fences on Burchell Game Reserve.

"…We had such a wonderful time on our family safari. The accommodations were fabulous. The food was incredible. The hunting was beyond our wildest dreams!! But the best part of our experience was getting to know all of you. There are many places that we can go to hunt, but nowhere that we can go to meet people as great as all of you. Thank you for taking such good care of me and my family. We look forward to seeing all of you again in the near future."
Tom Morreale
"Our trip to Frontier Safaris (SA) was great! Our plains game hunt went as planned with abundant wildlife spotted. Our hunt was executed by a very skilled PH (Jason) in which we harvested several trophy species. The guiding and terrain lent to the majority of our shots being under 250 yards, exception being the Springbok..."
"There were 27 guys on the airplane ride home from the states, and when we compared pictures, I had the best time overall. Most had shot two or three good trophies. I had pictures of 8 – 9 true “trophy” animals. It was clear that I had picked the right place to hunt and the right people to hunt with, in comparison..."
"I am writing to thank you for the hospitality and effort that you and your staff put forth to make our plains game hunting trip a success. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at both the North and South farms. As you know the opportunity to hunt in two different areas/ecosystems is rare when it comes to guided hunts. This was a unique situation offered and I truly appreciate it..."
D. Jones
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